May: Aleppo, Syria 1

30 x 22.5 narrative

Ancient sites and ruins always remind me of my home, Aleppo, where every corner holds beauty, history and perseverance.

May: Aleppo, Syria 3

19.5 x 26 narrative

Our loquat tree, where we spent shady afternoons picking fruit to eat and digging for worms to fish with. It’s where our neighbourhood cats took their nap. It’s where my mom found my sister and me eating dirt as toddlers. It’s where happy memories were born and where I hope to one day be again, just one more time.

May: Aleppo, Syria 2

20 x15 narrative

My Nana, a safe home for me. I left her side not knowing I would never see her again. No longer here, I still dream of her. Her memory keeps me going.