Ken: Lake Kivu

152 x 202 narrative

Home is where the Keeper of your Heart meets the Makers of your Heart meets Inflection Point meets Mush. I love my girlfriend. I love my folks. My past, present and future selves have done nothing, but nothing, to deserve either. This image encapsulates the time when my loves met each other for the very first time. It’s a teeny bit disingenuous including it in a series that celebrates “home”. I am 99.999999% certain I will never see this deck again or ever take in this view of Lake Kivu again.

I humbly submit that it is admissible on account of past home(s) encountering, validating, celebrating, BEQUEATHING (dammit!) future home(s). That Water, agent of Change, features prominently is a trudat shout out to happenstance. Ha…HA!