Alexandra: Cape Town

187 x 187 narrative

View from my balcony at 220 Loop Street. Whilst living in South Africa this was not just my base, but my home. It is in a painfully hipster part of town. Four floors up, I awoke every morning to the backdrop of the city bowl and the unfailingly changing skies. The soundscape was also unique. The call to prayer, the church bells, Bree Street’s drunken revellers and the frustratingly frequent passing of Ducati or Harley engines. Inside, behind this field of vision, is my apartment. One characterised by hosting dinners with truly amazing people, long brunches with my flatmate and working at my desk. It was a bubble, one like so many in Cape Town. I was fortunate to have such a wonderful place to stay, whilst outside so many struggled day to day. Cape Town remains home, a home from home.