Alexandra: Seyðisfjörður 2

203 x 231 narrative

This photo was taken just before I took a dip in the 2ºC fjord as part of a women’s swimming group. A group that started up after an artist who was washing local wool in the fjord fell in and the other women of the town decided to follow in support, and to start a regular swimming group. This water was so life-affirmingly cold that one can only swim in it for a few minutes, but I have never felt more alive; blood thundering through my body and the clean, crisp water lapping around my ears. On exit one feels so alive, with the dramatic mountains nestling around the fjord looking down upon you. My heritage is Viking, so this peculiar activity felt somewhat natural. Alas, there was no sauna around to heat up in. Just a towel-down and run back to the house for a shower.