Johan: Cape Town

200 x 183 narrative

Having a car has always given me a sense of freedom. For about 10 years I didn’t have one, so it was thrilling for me to be behind the steering wheel of a jeep again when I got it a few years ago. From my very first visit to Cape Town in 2011 I have a strong memory from when we passed over the neck at Lions Head, four boys in a rental car playing Adele’s (well, the radio did) “Rolling in the deep”. The beats were getting to me and in that moment it was the best song in the world. The sun was setting, we had a sweet night coming up and life as a single boy on the other side of the world was rocking.

Being back in Cape Town these days, with a South African girlfriend who´s also the mom of my child, brings out emotions and make me walk down memory lane a lot. For example, every time I pass that hill with the jeep I’m reminded of that special moment with my friends and how life after that changed completely, in a wonderful and very unexpected way.